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Working for a barrier free tomorrow

Become more Independent.

Quad Design will consult on designs to help make them more inclusive for your future, help individuals seek personal-care ventures onto Self Managed Care and/or families onto Family Managed Care.
Person working form home independently
To design a universal house, is to make it Accessible, Adaptable, Visitable and Universal.
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To make it accessible is to make it approachable by anybody with a disability. They may have a physical, visual or auditory disability.


Someone may not need to have all the accessibility when they initially build it but they will have the opportunity to adapt if the need arises.
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To ensure that all people who use a wheelchair are able to visit their family and friends in their homes.
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Designing a house to meet the needs of a variety of people and to be able to adapt the house as needed throughout the life of the people that live in them.