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Self Manage Care

Quad Design will help any individual who are presently under agency based care, venture out onto either Self Manage Care “SMC” or Family Managed Care “FMC”. In this field, Quad Design has over ten years of experience.
Are you tired of not being able to have control In your life? Not been able to change shifts to a later time to go out and enjoy an evening with friends? Do not know what staff are coming in? Or tired of having a high staff turn overrate? If so and want a change for the better, contact my company and we will see what changes we can make for you in the future.


Quad Design will provide a payroll service to help you stay in your home. The end goal is to provide quality of life by helping individuals take control of their lives.

Universal Design

Quad Design will consult on drawings to improve blueprints to make them accessible to fit your needs, help architects with designs that are being made or projects started, I offer my services to make sure it is universally accessible. It is better to solve the problem at the beginning of the project than have to go back and change it after the fact and work with municipalities to enlighten them with the challenges people with disabilities face daily.
I can give you first-hand experience of physical barriers from a wheelchair. I will let you try to access some barriers I have faced in wheelchairs by letting you try to drive one yourself, as I have been averaging over 1200 miles a year over my disability.
Universal design means designing a house to meet the needs of a variety of people and to be able to adapt the house as needed through out the life of the people that live in them. It will increase safety, be more economical to adapt, provide a chance for people to remain in their home longer, allow people with disabilities to visit, help people who have a degenerative ailment to stay in the community and live in their home.
"To design a universal house, is to make it Accessible, Adaptable, Visitable and Universal."
Accessible wheelchair
If you have a degenerative disease where you may end up in a wheelchair the universal house is ideal for you.  You can change it as you need it.  If you or a family member have friends that are in a wheelchair, universal housing is a great idea. Universal housing lets you live in your house and retire there.
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